Apr 25, 2022

SeaSucker Vacuum MountSeaSucker's innovative Vacuum Mount is the engine that drives its products. And now, with its Powered by SeaSucker program, the company collaborates with fellow manufacturers to incorporate its mounts into their designs, solving specific product challenges.

Vacuum Mounts aren't mere suction cups. SeaSucker's 4.5" model secures 120 lbs. to any rigid, non-porous surface for days on end; its 6" version, an astounding 210 lbs. Available in black or white with standard or low-profile housings, they can be deployed vertically, horizontally or even upside down with no effect on holding power. With a pair of slotted holes on the top and a 1/4-20 threaded stainless steel insert, the UV-stabilized all-weather mounts easily adapt to various hardware requirements.

SeaSucker offers a wide range of services to manufacturers, from supplying them with installation-ready Vacuum Mounts to providing volume custom molding and component modification. "These collaborations are a lot of fun and often game-changing for our partners," said Wes Wilcox, SeaSucker sales director. "The versatility a SeaSucker Vacuum Mount adds to a product dramatically opens the market up by 50–100%. It's truly a win-win in every sense of the term."
Vacuum Mounts lend themselves to an almost infinite number of uses. Gemlux, a manufacturer of stainless-steel fishing and boating hardware, incorporates a 4.5" SeaSucker mount into its Flatline Clip to run bait closer the boat, as well as into its Cam Cleat for securing halyards.

"We enjoy product development with SeaSucker because they share the same passion for innovation and quality that we do," said Lauren Alleva, Gemlux director of marketing. "We continue to push the limit with new products that are vastly superior to anything on the market, bringing an exceptional boating experience to the customer." Gemlux's website is

CMOR Mapping is another manufacturer that has taken advantage of SeaSucker technology. A licensed mapping partner of Navico, it offers a wide range of TFT displays that integrate a SeaSucker Vacuum Mount. This provides users the ability to install state-of-the-art electronics in under a minute without drilling holes or needing professional installation. When finished, the unit quickly removes for storage without leaving a mark behind. The company's website is

LaPorte Boat Covers creatively leverages the technology for its T-Top 4.5" Mounts. The device allows boaters to quickly deploy and remove a sunshade, securing it to boat parts without tie-off points. The company's website is

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