Apr 4, 2022

Børge QuorningBørge Quorning passed away on March 22, 2022 at the age of 90. Børge founded Quorning Boats together with his brother Bent in Skærbæk, Denmark.

As a child, Børge was fascinated by the sea and a skilled sailor and built his first boat already as a young teenager. In 1948 Børge started an apprenticeship as a boat builder which set the course for an adventurous life and led him to the US, Canada and Sweden.

Børge Quorning was one of the first trimaran boat builders in Europe - trimarans which today are known as "Dragonfly".

In the 1980s he developed the popular swing-wing system, together with his son Jens, which he was awarded several prizes for.

More than 1,000 trimarans have been built at the yard for the past 55 years.
Børge’s fascination of sailing and the sea never stopped and his passion for building boats stayed with him to the end.

The company is owned by Jens Quorning, who has been the CEO of the company for the past 20 years.

Børge will be missed.