Aug 28, 2018

DolphinsDr. Richard Connor, Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts, has embarked on a journey to Shark Bay in the western part of Australia where he has studied a wild population of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins since 1982.

Dr. Connor is the co-Director of the Dolphin Alliance Project (DAP), and President of the non-profit Dolphin Alliance Project, Inc., which is aggressively seeking donations to continue funding DAP research.

The Dolphin Alliance Project’s mission is to learn everything they can about these unique underwater creatures during the Dolphin Decade, an ambitious ten-year coordinated study on all facets of dolphins' behavior, communication and ecology. An exceptional team of scientists using the latest technology promises to provide outstanding results.

“Nothing like this exists, and as we know from Jane Goodalls’ study of wild chimpanzees and Cynthia Moss’s similar long-term study of elephants in the wild, the best approach to understanding animals, especially those with long and socially complex lives – is to study them first hand in the wild,” notes famed science writer Virginia Morell.

The Dolphin Alliance Project’s 10-year budget of $2 Million is relatively modest. All tax-deductible donations will go directly towards the purchase of: Major Equipment, Boats, Hydrophones, Drones, Database Management & PhD student salaries, Field Work Costs, Food, and other forecasted needs which will last through the decade-long study.

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