Feb 19, 2019

GlamWe have just learned from Boating Ontario that there is an important survey in progress that Ontario and Quebec marinas should respond to.

Many marinas and yacht clubs were impacted by the 2017 high water event on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.  If yours was one of them - or even if yours fared relatively well - they want to hear from you. 

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management (GLAM) Committee is working with LURA Consulting to administer a survey exploring the impacts marinas and yacht clubs experienced as a result of the high water levels in 2017.  A recent report by the GLAM Committee, which was established by the International Joint Commission (IJC) in 2015 to support the ongoing review of outflow regulation plans, described the causes and summarized many of the impacts of the 2017 high water event.  

Record-breaking precipitation across the basin culminated in record high water levels on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River and caused extensive impacts across various interests and regions, including flood and erosion damages to a variety of shoreline users, such as marina and yacht club operations.  The report also described the limited effects of outflow regulation during the extreme conditions of 2017 and noted the importance of gathering additional data on high water impacts to various stakeholder groups to support future efforts at reviewing and improving regulation plan performance.  A particular focus is to gather further input from marinas and yacht clubs that were directly affected by the high water levels.

On behalf of the GLAM Committee, LURA is asking affected marinas and yacht clubs to complete a survey – available at – by March 8, 2019. Survey respondents will be entered to win one of two $100 gift cards for the Rigging Shoppe (one Canadian recipient) or West Marine (one American recipient) offered through LURA Consulting. The survey asks a variety of questions on the type and extent of impacts to marina facilities and operations, as well as adaptive responses taken during or after the 2017 high water levels. There is also an optional opportunity to upload pictures to document the extent of flooding/erosion impacts on your property. The results of the survey will be reported in a format that will ensure the privacy of respondents. We ask that you please limit responses to one per facility.

Should you have any questions about this survey or the GLAM Committee, please reach out to:

Mike Shantz                                      

Canadian Secretary, GLAM Committee

867 Lakeshore Road

Burlington, ON, L7S1A1


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bryce Carmichael

U.S. Secretary, GLAM Committee

550 Main Street

Cincinnati, OH, 45202

United States

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks very much for participating in this survey and contributing to the efforts of the GLAM Committee in improving understanding of the impacts felt by marina and yacht club facilities due to high Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River water levels. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to your input!

- On behalf of the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management Committee