Jan 5, 2021
Icomia 2019 Statistics BookThe International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) has released the latest edition of its Recreational Boating Industry Statistics Book and NMMA is providing access to the report for its members at no charge. The annual ICOMIA Statistics Book provides key data and analysis from the NMMA and other marine industry associations from around the globe. NMMA’s Business Intelligence team contributed data and analysis on the U.S. and Canadian recreational boating markets to this report. 

Highlights of the 2019 ICOMIA Statistics Book includes: 

• 2019 global data and 2020 midyear snapshot of COVID-19 impact on the industry
• Global summaries of key product segments from 25 countries
• Export/import data for international trade in boats from 43 countries
• International Boat Show statistics (courtesy of the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers)

Access the 2019 ICOMIA Statistics Book here