BoatTEST Shares Videos with Canadian Yachting and Pacific Yachting plus eight other International marine Media Companies

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Aug 24, 2021

BoatTEST.com announced on August 17th, 2021 that it would begin sharing all of its boat test videos with 10 boating media companies, seven in North America plus three in the Pacific Rim. The Canadian partners are Canadian Yachting and Pacific Yachting magazines.

BoatTEST will be sharing 600 boat test videos on more than 400 boats that are in production, as well as its product demonstration videos of engines, equipment and accessories.

BoatTEST CEO Jeff Hammond said, “We have rolled out our video links to all of our partners within the last few days and they will reside on their websites as well as on BoatTEST.com. They should start appearing as soon as the media companies can build them into their websites.”

“The Canadian Yachting Media Production Team is currently working on the platform and looks forward to the launch this extension of their website in the near future.  We are very excited and honoured to be one of two Canadian exclusive partners to be able to offer such great boating content to Canadian boaters”, said CY Media Vice-President, Jill Snider.


International Content Sharing
In return for sharing the videos, the 10 partners are letting some of their content be published by BoatTEST for its subscribers. This means that in the future, BoatTEST can curate the best articles on a panoply of wide-ranging subjects from boat handling, seamanship, destinations, new products and useful information from some of boating’s foremost editors. “We expect to be sharing with boating magazines in more countries in the next few weeks,” Hammond said.

International Partners


The 10 media companies that are part of the BoatTEST content sharing are:

  • Canadian Yachting (CA)
  • Pacific Yachting (CA)
  • Southern Boating (US)
  • Pacific PowerBoat (NZ)
  • Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (US)
  • Asia-Pacific Boating (HK)
  • Yacht Style (SG)
  • The Fishing Wire (US)
  • Waterway Guide (US)
  • Chesapeake Bay Magazine (US)

Large International Audience

The benefit to the readers of Canadian Yachting and Pacific Yachting magazines is obvious; a huge increase in video content for their reading and viewing enjoyment.

The total number of newsletter subscribers of the 11 media companies in the network is about 400,000. All partners have weekly newsletters, except two – BoatTEST and the Fishing Wire – that are daily. The total monthly website unique visitors for the 11 websites are estimated at about 700,000.

The newsletters of the eight North American partners total more than 320,000 subscribers. Having the two most prestigious boating magazines in Canada and three from the Pacific Rim will give BoatTEST subscribers access to boating lifestyles and adventures that Americans are not used to. In fact, some of the very best cruising grounds in the world are in Canada and Oceania.


Advantage for Boatbuilders

BoatTEST’s raison d’etre from the beginning was to help consumers sort through the confusing aspects of a boat and explain how one is different from another. Its videos and in-depth written reports are designed to give serious buyers information they can get nowhere else.


Equipment, Accessories and Services

BoatTEST also plans to release its test, product and services demonstration videos to its partners. Some of these products include Seakeeper, Sharrow props, SiriusXM, Siren Marine, Talos Lightning Detection, ICOM, SiOnyx and other products.

BoatTEST will be making new product videos hosted by Capt. Steve that will also be distributed internationally.


BoatTEST Products

Outboard Engine Buyer’s Guide – “White Label”

Canadian Yachting and Pacific Yachting will also feature the Outboard Engine Buyer’s Guide.  In March 2021, BoatTEST launched a comprehensive Outboard Engine Buyer’s Guide. In just three months, it had more than 150,000 views on the BoatTEST website.

Currently, the buyer’s guide gives the most relevant data on 207 engines. Canadian Yachting and Pacific Yachting readers will also be able to access that resource.


The Streaming VOD Revolution

Streaming Services

On Sept. 15, 2000, BoatTEST was the first business of any type in the marine industry to stream video, beginning with 100 boat test videos. It was literally a world pioneer in streaming client content, starting in the days of dial-up when only 4% of U.S. households had broadband. It quickly discovered that boaters would stream the videos at the office, in addition to watching the dial-up slide show at home. Slowly over the last two decades, major media companies have had the streaming VOD light bulb go on, as U.S. broadband penetration extended to 86% of households.


Sharing is the Sign of the Times

For the last decade, sharing virtually everything has occurred from Airbnb, Uber, private jets to boat clubs around the world. Boatbuilders have long shared dealers but now competing brands of boats even share the same factory and builder. “By sharing BoatTEST videos, we are able to help publishers all over the world enhance their online offerings for the benefit of consumers and their subscribers,” said Hammond, a 52-year veteran of the boating industry. “This content sharing will give all our partners a definite advantage over their competitors.”

If you would like to know more about how your company can benefit, email Canadian Yachting Publisher Jill Snider at jillsnider@kerrwil.com

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