Furuno Nevnet tztouch3

Nov 17, 2020

In early 2020, Furuno introduced NavNet TZtouch3, setting the standard for MFDs by packing powerful features and functions into super-bright and responsive IPS displays. These units are not only the most powerful MFDs on the market, but also the easiest to use, with a variety of screen sizes and interface options to suit any boating style or size of vessel. Now, Furuno is expanding that ground-breaking line of MFDs with the addition of the TZT9F, a new, smaller MFD that packs the power of NavNet TZtouch3 into a 9” IPS display, suitable for smaller helms, flybridges, and second stations.
Similar to the already popular 12″ TZT12F, the Hybrid Control TZT9F is an IPS multi touch display with an integrated control panel that features Furuno’s intuitive RotoKey™ and dedicated physical buttons to complement NavNet TZtouch3’s multi touch controls. Its powerful quad-core processor takes NavNet’s TimeZero technology to the next level, offering 4-way split-screen displays and lightning-fast response time.
Furuno has endeavored to make NavNet TZtouch3 the easiest to use MFD available. The edge-swipe feature makes finding what you need a breeze. Swipe from the left of the screen to view or hide navigation data, from the right to see all of your shortcuts, from the bottom to view layer options, or from the top to access Quick Pages (custom screen configurations). A single tap selects most options, so you’re never more than a swipe and tap away from the most commonly accessed features.
The TZT9F includes a built-in 1kW, single-channel TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder. TruEcho CHIRP™, designed to operate across a wide range of frequencies utilizing a broadband transducer, delivers significant advantages in signal clarity & target definition. Due to the constant sweeping of frequencies, TruEcho CHIRP™ is capable of gathering more & higher-quality data than traditional Fish Finders. A traditional CW 50/200kHz RezBoost Fish Finder is also included.
The hallmark of the NavNet series has always been its scalability. The TZT9F, along with the TZT12F, TZT16F, and TZT19F, allows mariners to customize their helm to build the perfect navigation suite with award-winning DRS Radars, both built-in and optional black box Fish Finder selections, AIS and VHF, NavPilot Autopilots, Compasses, and multiple weather options. Furuno’s new power-packed 100 and 200-Watt NXT Solid-State Doppler Radars deliver high-powered, state-of-the-art Radar features to TZtouch3. Functions such as Fast Target Tracking™, Furuno’s advanced Bird Mode, Rain Mode, and Target Analyzer™, where dangerous Radar targets are shown in red, alert navigators to the current situation at-a-glance. Furuno’s wide selection of dome and open array Radars in both magnetron and Solid-State configurations ensures there is a Radar to meet the needs of every vessel.
NavNet TZtouch3 includes an extensive library of MapMedia Raster and Vector cartography for the US coastline, with even more options available for purchase, including C-MAP, ‘Datacore by Navionics’, and CMOR bathymetric imagery (CMOR available in the US only). Installing most new cartography is as simple as purchasing a license and entering the unlock code. Furuno includes high-resolution satellite photography for most chart areas. With TimeZero’s PhotoFusion™, you’ll be able to overlay all of your high-resolution satellite photography without obscuring important chart details. You can also apply a custom depth color scale to both 2D and 3D Vector and Raster charts, ensuring a perfect fusion of chart data, satellite photos, and depth color scale. The ability to adjust the depth display with your own specified, vibrant colors means no more searching for depth numbers – you’ll know the water depth at-a-glance. Bathymetric fishing charts are also available.
NavNet TZtouch3 keeps your data secure and easy-to-access on multiple platforms with the TZ Cloud ecosystem. The TZ Cloud service allows you to automatically back up and store your waypoints, routes, and event marks to the TimeZero cloud server, as well as synchronize and edit them on your MFDs, TimeZero PC software, and the TZ iBoat app for iPad. Use the new TZ First Mate app to drop an event mark with each big catch and include the species, length & weight, and even take a picture with your phone, then access the information anywhere. Plus, the new PIN Code Lock feature allows you to set up a four-digit password at startup, guarding your MFD’s important data against theft. Direct access to tablets and smartphones via WiFi is also available from NavNet TZtouch3 MFDs, with several free apps for both Apple and Android devices for viewing and control of your system.
In addition to the built-in Fish Finder, you can also connect the amazing DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar. The DFF3D allows you to see a 120° swath port to starboard for over 650 feet, and nearly 1,000 feet directly beneath the boat, with multiple versatile display view options. You can also connect the BBWX4 to receive SiriusXM Satellite Weather overlays (subscription required), or use the built-in Navcenter Weather to download up to two weeks of weather forecasts for free.
Mariners with smaller helms or limited space on the flybridge should take a serious look at going on a power trip with Furuno and their all-new NavNet TZtouch3 TZT9F. For more information on Furuno’s complete line of Marine Electronics, visit their web sites atwww.FurunoUSA.com or www.NavNet.com.

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