New external sensor measures fluids in any tank shape

Gobius, by Albin Maine

Sept 6, 2022

Generations of boat owners have tolerated unreliable and inaccurate readings from mechanical internal tank sensors. Gobius by Albin is changing that. With simple external tank mounting, the new Gobius C system features stepless 0–100% fluid measurement to calculate precise levels and internal volume—no matter the container’s shape or material—and display readings on a Bluetooth-enabled device or BUS network. Entered for an IBEX Innovation Award, it debuts at the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference, September 27–29, Tampa, Florida, booth 3-2123.

Ideal for recreational and commercial vessels alike, the Gobius C tank monitoring system instantly delivers data accurate to within 3mm. A micro radar integrated into the sensor transmits electromagnetic waves. It then measures these vibrations and relays a signal to the processor. Unlike an ultrasonic system, readings are unaffected by temperature, foam, vapors or pressure.

Engineered for use on any metal, fiberglass or plastic fuel, waste or potable water tank, the Gobius C installs on top of the container so there’s never any contact with fluids or semi-solids that could damage it or affect performance. Built-in wave motion reduction eliminates variances in readings due to contents sloshing around.

Easy to mount with included 3M tape, the compact Gobius C by Albin is only 2.16″ H x 3.74″ dia. Installation takes around 15 minutes since there’s no need to remove the tank or drill leak-prone holes into it. Virtually maintenance-free, an integrated LED light illuminates when the device is running.

With an input voltage of 9–28V DC, the Gobius C by Albin consumes only 10mA of power. It has digital IP44 female 8-pin output connectors and an integrated 3.3′ cable. The device offers 10–180 ohm, 240–33 0hm, 0-5 V and 4-20 mA, and has two individual alarm levels. For replacing an existing Wema tank sensor, the available Adapter makes the Gobius C compatible with a standard 1.25″ SAE hole.

Plug and play, the Gobius C uses Android, iOS and PC apps for easy monitoring. Beyond level and volume readings, it has integrated test functions and a built-in error report. The Gobius C is available in North America from Albin Group Marine.

Albin Group Marine, a Sudbury company, is the North American office of the renowned Swedish manufacturer of marine pumping, heating and sanitation solutions for OEM and refit. It has US-based warehouses and a robust distribution network. 

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