New Simrad HALO 2000 & HALO 3000 Radars debut at FLIBS

New Simrad HALO Radar

Nov 8, 2022

Boating Industry Canada attended the Simrad Yachting introduction of its two new high-performance radar products at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, with the Simrad HALO 2000 and HALO 3000 now available to customers around the world. The HALO 2000, starting at $6,399 USD, and HALO 3000, starting at $8,499 USD, both feature higher power pulse compression and improved detection ranges to offer the most powerful Simrad HALO radars on the market. Other key integrations like Bird+ Mode, ZoneTrack™ and support for Dangerous Target Alerts provide users even more technical and safety benefits. The new HALO radars were on display at the Navico Group exhibit during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

“We’re proud to be the original inventor and innovator behind solid state recreational marine radar and we are excited to unveil our most powerful radar yet,” said Kevin Steinbraker, VP and General Manager, Digital Systems at Navico Group. “This next-generation open array radar delivers even more power and resolution than before, offering increased safety, more accuracy and better range. By coupling our advanced pulse scheme with our class-leading resolution, we are providing boaters of all types with the best radar on the market for target detection, resolution, system reliability and ease of use.”

HALO 2000 comes with 50 watts of power, ensuring visibility out to 72 nautical miles, while HALO 3000, Simrad Yachting’s most powerful open array radar with 130 watts of power, provides visibility out to 96 nautical miles. That power is combined with world class beam sharpening for enhanced target separation that is unmatched in the marketplace.

Other technical upgrades include award-winning modes, situational awareness enhancements and ZoneTrack merged into the Simrad brand’s decades of expertise and experience in radar. On the HALO 3000, the new Bird+ Mode activates the radar to solely focus on maximizing 130 watts of power on targeting and identifying flocks of birds at ranges of up to eight nautical miles.

“Simrad Yachting offers a range of HALO Open Array Radars for all types and sizes of boats, depending on your primary boating activity,” said Steinbraker. “With Bird+ mode, exclusive to the HALO 3000 series, it can help serious offshore anglers find the birds that can help lead to the fish. For the avid boater, HALO 2000 provides the power necessary to see storm cells more clearly at greater distances.”

Day or night, rain or fog, the HALO 2000 and 3000 are a powerful extra set of eyes to help boaters stay aware of approaching vessels, weather, and obstacles.
For more information about Simrad HALO 2000 and HALO 3000, please visit

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