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Nov 6, 2016

Coating Manufacturer Releases Easy-to-Use EZ-Tex and EZ-Bond

Rockaway, N.J. – Pettit Marine Paint, leading manufacturer of high performance marine coatings, announced today the release of two products ideal for the DIY boater – EZ-Tex epoxy repair compound and EZ-Bond thickened epoxy glue.

EZ-Tex is a two-part marine epoxy repair compound for use where a permanent, high strength, waterproof repair is needed. Its unique formula creates a tenacious bond to most surfaces and can be used above and below the waterline. The compound’s buttery consistency will not sag or shrink and is excellent for filling cracks, gouges and voids. EZ-Tex is sold in two convenient sizes, which allows for less waste in smaller projects; and a 1:1 ratio makes mixing easy. Once cured, EZ-Tex can be sanded, drilled, tapped and painted.

A two-part thickened epoxy glue designed for bonding wood, fiberglass, composites, and even metals, EZ-Bond is a unique resin specifically engineered for maximum adhesion. Perfect for high-stress bonds, EZ-Bond is non-brittle and will resist cracking for long-lasting performance. It is also thickened to prevent sagging and running, and is excellent for bonding surfaces where a gap must be filled. Cold weather is not an issue for EZ-Bond; it will cure at temperatures as low as 35-degrees Fahrenheit.

“For do-it-yourself boat projects, our customers need products that save them time and money,” said Don Zabransky, vice president sales & marketing, Pettit Marine Paint. “We know that these repairs can sometimes be in hard-to-reach spots, the conditions may not be ideal, and time is always a factor. With that in mind, our engineers have formulated two high-quality compounds that fill gaps and bond materials without sagging and are capable of curing quickly. This makes your repair a snap and, since they are available in two quantities, you can get just the right amount you need without breaking the bank.”

For more information on EZ-Tex, EZ-Bond or Pettit’s complete line of marine coatings, please visit


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