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Nov 27, 2018

Following the success of the Tiwal 3 (nearly 1,000 boats sold), Tiwal will be presenting their latest little boat at Boot Düsseldorf: Tiwal 2, the inflatable sailing dinghy which is even lighter, more compact, and is ready to sail in 15 minutes. Tiwal intends to make the Tiwal 2 the essential toy aboard cruising boats.

Designed and developed by Marion Excoffon, the Tiwal 2 inflatable sailing boat will be unveiled at Boot Düsseldorf from 19th to 27th January 2019.  This small, inflatable, single-handed 2.80 m dinghy is equipped with a loose-footed sail of 5.6m². It can carry up to one adult and one child (or two children). It weighs 40kg and comes in two bags. 

The Plug and Play dinghy is assembled in 15 minutes and in 5 stages: hull inflation, inserting the dagger-board well, installing the rig, the appendages, and then finished off with a final few strokes of the pump. And voila! 

The drop-stitch hull is very stiff when fully inflated to a high pressure. Its innovative inflatable wings offer maximum comfort in established wind conditions. “I wanted the Tiwal 2 to be a companion for the whole family. I imagined an ultra-simple boat that goes to basics. It is at the same time a proper sailing boat, and a great toy to play on!” explains Marion.

Very stable, the Tiwal 2 is quick for beginners (adults or children) to learn how to use. The inflatable wings allow for comfortable and reassuring initiation. More experienced sailors will appreciate the boat’s responsiveness and its playful side in established winds (up to 15-20 knots). With a V-shaped hull and a dagger-board, going upwind is easy. Single-handed or with a child, the Tiwal 2 offers excellent sensations on the water, and will even plane.

Visit: www.tiwal.com

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