Jan 7, 2019

Parks CanadaJust before Christmas, we received the following email from Parks Canada regarding a Request For Information (RFI); if you are able to contribute to their request, please do so using the attached form.

The email stated:

Please find attached a Request For Information (RFI) pertaining to a Tour Boat Shuttle Service to Georgian Bay Islands National Park (Beausoleil Island) that may be of interest to you. Visitation to Georgian Bay Islands National Park has grown significantly in recent years. Demand for a tour boat shuttle service to this boat access island park presents a growing business opportunity. The Parks Canada Agency is soliciting information from experienced individuals, organizations and/or business who may be interested in the development and operation of a boat transportation service that would provide visitor access to Beausoleil Island in Georgian Bay Islands National Park.  

I hope that you will take the time to review the attached RFI and provide a response in the form of the Information Package outlined within. Please feel free to contact me (Tamie Marshall) if you have any questions regarding this request. Responses to the request are to be provided by February 01, 2020. A French language version of the RFI will be provided upon request.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tamie Marshall              
Realty Officer | Agente d’immobilier
Realty Services, Strategic Policy and Investment Directorate | Services immobiliers, Direction générale des politques stratégiques et des investissements
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Download the form here.