Nov 20, 2017

ABYC logoThe 2nd Annual ABYC Marine Law Symposium is a premier training event that will prepare you to navigate the legal aspects of recreational boating accidents.

Highlights include:

Learn from 5 interesting and relevant accidents and lawsuits that have implications for dealers, manufacturers, surveyors, accident investigators, expert witnesses, and attorneys

Marine law enforcement will walk through the types of accidents they respond to, responsibilities, reporting, what experts/attorneys have access to (and don't have access to), and what will they provide if they are on the stand

Insurance experts and manufacturers representatives will discuss the nuances of the relationships you have (or need) to protect you in the event of a lawsuit or errors/omissions in your reporting

Learn the language of litigators and insurance companies.

To our News Week readers, this is an American event and to know better if this has value to our Canadian readers, we asked Michael Vollmer for his assessment, having been very involved in boating safety and marine accident investigations for many years. He told us, “I attended last year and thought it was wonderful; not focused on the law per se, but rather on collecting evidence, assessing it and developing a plausible explanation of the events.”

For Canadians in the insurance, boat charter and rental, legal and marine industry, this could be a very valuable learning opportunity. Learn more at the ABYC website: or register at


Ashland Logo


Ashland’s solvers are making waves again. The company has launched a new white gelcoat to help boat manufacturers improve the efficacy and usability of their products in demanding marine applications. Maxguard™ EZM marine white gelcoat offers easier application in complex molds and excellent weathering performance.

In addition to its application properties, this gelcoat achieves the high level of ultraviolet (UV) and blister resistance required by the world’s top boat builders to deliver an alluring finish desired by consumers.