MAy 18, 2017

Worx Hydro ShotWhen it comes to washing an off-road vehicle or motorcycle; hosing down the deck or patio; watering flowers and shrubs; or rinsing dusty patio furniture, the new WORX®Hydroshot™ Portable Power Cleaner is up to the task and more. This compact, lightweight (3.7 lbs.), cordless, powered water nozzle connects with a standard .625 in. fitting garden hose or can draw water from remote sources such as a bucket, pool or lake and goes to work.

Pick up your favorite garden hose and nozzle combination and multiply the water’s force five times -- that’s the power behind Hydroshot. The pump-driven, dual-system control nozzle features two operating settings: watering and power cleaning.
The nozzle’s two-speed trigger delivers water pressure ratings of 58 to 94 psi (watering) and 200 to 320 psi for power cleaning. Hydoshot’s built-in pump is designed to help save water by only pumping out roughly 1/2 gallon-per-minute. Rotate the multi-head nozzle to adjust spray patterns from 0º, 15º, 25º 40º or shower. Choose gentle shower; then rotate the head for targeted high-powered rinsing. Select the wider spray pattern to remove dirt or pollen from windows or rinse a boat’s hull between normal wash cycles. Hydroshot also features a universal quick-connect end to accept other aftermarket pressure washer accessories.

“A big advantage of Hydroshot is its versatility and portability,” said Brandon Martin, WORX Product Manager. “You may be in a remote location off-roading, bicycling, boating or any other activity, and have the ability to pre-clean your items with any fresh water source, including any water container.”

WORX Hydroshot is powered by a 20V MAX 2.0 Ah battery. This battery has an LED power gauge. By pressing the red keypad, the power gauge indicates how many bars are left before it needs recharging. The powered water nozzle is part of WORX Power Share program, so other WORX 20V MAX batteries from WORX lawn and garden or DIY tools will work, as well. Run time varies based on the selected operating mode and speed, but in watering mode, it will run for up to 30 minutes continuously.
Hydroshot includes one 20V MAX, 2.0 Ah battery, a 5-hour charger and a 20-ft. syphoning hose. The power cleaner is covered by the WORX 3 year warranty.

The WORX Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner (WG629, $169.99) is available at Canadian Tire retail stores and . Hydroshot accessories (optional), including a squeegee (WA4049), brush (WA4048) and soap dispenser (WA4036), will be available in the near future.

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