May 15, 2018

BIC-Employer-of-Choice-Award-Logo-400.jpgThe Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice (BICEOC) Award is the industry's only Made-in-Canada recognition for the recreational marine industry.

This award program helps address some of the major challenges facing the marine industry today  – attracting and retaining top talent. The seasonal nature of the industry and remote work locations are making it even harder to hire and keep staff. To reverse these trends, employers need to start developing “employer of choice” strategies that, not only attract and retain, but also engage and inspire their workforce.

Why become an employer of choice?

Promoting an industry wide employer of choice brand that focuses on improving engagement and retention sends a positive message to future employees, suppliers, partners and customers. When you get right down to it, it’s just good for business.

Kerrwil Publishing (Boating Industry Canada and Canadian Yachting), Canada’s leading national marine publisher has partnered with CCEOC Inc. to bring this unique award to the market. Winners will receive a beautiful trophy presented at the Toronto and/or Vancouver Boat Shows and be profiled in a special edition of Canadian Yachting. There will also be special recognition through web exposure, social media and News Week the industry’s weekly eNewsletter. There are two award categories with multiple winners in each category. Categories include:

  1. Dealers & Marinas
  2. Marine Business: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Service Providers, Retailers and Distributors

Organizations eligible to take part must meet the following criteria:

The Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice award program helps employers to position and brand themselves in the market to attract the type of employee that best fits into their organization. It provides businesses and organizations the opportunity to get the recognition they deserve and build a more profitable business. To learn more or to register, please call 416-886-7007 or go to