Jan 8, 2019

Vanquish BoatsAt the Toronto International Boat Show this January, we will see an increased presence for Vanquish Boats and company owner Morgan Huntley will be at the show in person. We had the opportunity to talk to Morgan Huntley and we asked him, “What attracts you to the Canadian market?”

“In 2018 Vanquish Boats transitioned into a semi-custom builder, helping to expand our positioning as the premium brand in class,” Huntley explained. “This move also allowed us to be more creative with our clients with regard to fulfilling their wants and needs for special features.”

Huntley went on to say, “By pushing into the semi-custom arena, we can better meet the needs of our discerning clients who expect the same level of quality, materials, and features in a smaller boat as they do in larger boats. A new feature which is being received with flying colors is the addition of a cabin to our 26CC model.”

“Some of the larger changes include the construction materials such as an ultra-premium vinyl ester epoxy, tri, and bi-axial stitched Eglass, and a new recycled core material called CoreLite PET. This makes our boats stronger and lighter, and the most efficient boats in class. The 26CC has a top speed (w/Mercury 250hp) of 53 MPH with an efficiency of 2.2 MPG. At a cruising speed of 42MPH, the efficiency is a whopping 3.0 MPG.”

With these changes and their expansion from being inboard-powered to also offering outboard alternatives, Vanquish has a much wider spectrum of choices to offer. Huntley told Boating Industry Canada that buyers have sought them out to bring Vanquish boats to the Muskoka Lakes, Québec, the Thousand Islands and other areas where there is an appreciation for classic styling with the elegance of semicustom building.

Recently, Vanquish Boats expanded their line to offer seven different models including 21’ center console, 23’ center console, 23’ cuddy cabin, 24’ runabout, 24’ center console, 26’ runabout and their 26’ dual console.

A Vanquish, though more expensive than some boats, is an impressive value given the fact that it is better engineered, utilizing better materials, and offers more quality features that other boats in class. Vanquish also has the most advanced hull geometry (by Doug Zurn, of Zurn Yacht Design) delivering the most stable and smoothest ride, even compared to some much larger boats.

Morgan Huntley explained that Vanquish is focused on designing and building classically styled boats in the New England tradition, handcrafted in Bristol, Rhode Island by generational craftsmen (some fourth generation).

Vanquish Director of Marketing, Christopher Hughes also joined the conversation to point out that the semicustom, and inboard or outboard propulsion choices, help their dealers to be more competitive by having a high end, yet very competitive product that delivers long-term value for their buyers. Look for Vanquish at the Toronto Boat Show, January 18 to 27.