May 29, 2017

Hubbel Corrosion ResistanceCorrosion has long been the bane of electrical connections exposed to wet or saltwater environments. Weather-resistant 15 amp and 20 amp heavy-duty receptacles from Hubbell Marine outlast traditional devices in commercial applications and provide an additional margin of safety.

The 15 amp HBL52CM62 and 20 amp HBL53CM62 yellow duplex receptacles are designed specifically for outdoor environments where they will be subjected to the elements. They accept standard 125 volt, 2 pole/3 wire straight blade plugs. Both are clearly marked with blue WR identification to confirm their weather resistant compliance with the National Electrical Code.

For greater versatility, the HBL53CM62 model accepts both 20 amp and 15 amp plugs. To blend in with marina or boatyard colors, the 15 amp receptacle is also available in ivory.

For full weather protection, Hubbell offers a matching duplex HBL52CM21 polycarbonate spring-loaded lift cover. Stainless steel screws and a neoprene gasket are included for mounting to FS/FD-type weatherproof boxes. It is available in yellow, gray and white. The HBL52CM62 duplex receptacle costs $22; the HBL52CM21 cover $31.

Hubbell Marine also offers 15 amp and 20 amp single yellow receptacles. Matching spring-loaded lift covers come in yellow or gray.

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