Nov 6, 2017

Hub 23557 X8 9HElectricity and water never mix, which is why ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles are essential in areas such as galleys, heads or machinery spaces. The GFCI duplex receptacle from Hubbell Marine is fully compliant with the 2015 UL 943 requirement to automatically monitor circuit functionality every 3 hours or less. This provides continuous protection against electrical shock, making it ideal for critical onboard installations.

The Hubbell GFCI duplex receptacle can be installed in any standard 2.5" electrical box and will accept locking fork terminals. If a ground fault occurs and the leakage level exceeds 4 to 6 milliamperes, the GFCI unit interrupts the power supply and limits the duration of any current flow. After tripping, it's reset by pushing a dedicated button on its face. An adjacent test button allows the user to confirm the GFCI is in working order.

For enhanced safety, a feed-thru feature allows the device to protect additional receptacles installed downstream of it on the same electrical circuit. An integral power indicator provides immediate visual confirmation of the unit's status—green when operating, solid red when the power supply has been tripped, and flashing red at device end-of-life.

This duplex receptacle meets the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC) and the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standard. Available in white, ivory, gray and brown to complement a range of interior finishes, it is provided with a nylon wall plate. A PVC weatherproof lift cover, in gray or white, is also available for more exposed installations.