Feb 2, 2021

NMMA CanadaAs previously mentioned in the NMMA Canada November newsletter, Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety has been consulting on proposed changes to the Pleasure Craft Licensing (PCL) Program and the Pleasure Craft Operator Competency (PCOC) Program. The major items include enacting a $15 service fee for pleasure craft licenses; requiring people to renew their PCL every five years; and removing the Rental Boat Safety Checklist as an acceptable proof of competency (meaning anyone renting a boat would need to have a PCOC or equivalent).

Together with the provincial Marine Trade associations, NMMA Canada wrote a letter to Transport Canada giving feedback on the proposed changes. Notably, the letter argues that the government should fix the chronic flaws in the pleasure craft licensing statistics to make them more robust and reliable. 

As well, it echoes the concerns of boat rental companies and marinas across Canada about the proposal to scrap the Rental Safety Checklist as proof of competency. As the letter states: “While we support the PCOC, we do not believe it is superior to a well-run rental checklist. Since the PCOC does not require any on-water experience, the RBSC may be the only hands-on introduction that a new boater gets.” You can read the full letter to Transport Canada here