Jan 26, 2021

Beneteau First 27Big boats bring the glory, but small boats make the sailors.

True to their continuous mission of sharing a passion for sailing, BENETEAU and Seascape are proud to present three new members of the 7th generation of FIRST. The First 27 and First 24 are the most exciting sport cruisers on the market today, while the First 14 is an innovative and versatile dinghy that will deliver joy and thrills to every type of sailor. In addition, a new First SE line (short for Seascape Edition) will consist of four models - 14SE, 18SE, 24SE and 27SE – which will build on the Seascape legacy to bring modern one-design racing and adventure sailing into the hands of everyone.

Over the past five decades the FIRST name has been a fundamental part of the BENETEAU spirit, offering sailors true performance boats that were also suitable for cruising, and by extension, offering a more versatile interface between man and sea. First class one-design racing boats offered the possibility of competing on a level playing field, and the BENETEAU Wizz, a truly innovative Finot-designed sailing dinghy, opened the door to sailing on even the smallest of budgets.
40 years later BENETEAU and Seascape joined forces to reinvent First for a new sailing era defined by accelerated innovation and progress. With a clear focus on the user and the user experience, BENETEAU and Seascape have created two distinct ranges, First and First SE, to meet the needs of two specific types of sailors.


The signature features of the FIRST range have not changed since its conception in 1977 – these boats have always been designed for sailors who enjoy club racing as much as cruising, joining into one cohesive product line the proverbial best of both worlds. Today, BENETEAU takes another step in this direction with the launch of the new FIRST 14, FIRST 24 and FIRST 27.

These new boats draw their power from the same exhilarating hulls as their SE cousins (drawn by the hugely talented Samuel Manuard) yet offer simpler systems, aluminum masts, and comfortable interiors and cockpits geared towards daysailing and coastal cruising. True to the spirit of the BENETEAU brand, they represent a drive towards tuning the boats to the needs and expectations of the widest variety of sailors.