May 5, 2020

Golden Deck LiftPiles used with traditional boat lifts often block a scenic waterfront view. A Golden Deck Lift is different. The Golden Deck Lift is a seamless extension of the living space that offers walkaround access to all types of boats, PWC and kayaks up to 240,000 lbs. Few boats are as easy to get in and out of as one on a Golden Deck Lift. Neither the deck nor vessel move with the wind, waves or tide, making it simple to walk right up to it. For large boats, steps can be added for effortless boarding and disembarking. And when it's time to provision or maintain, a Golden Deck Lift provides unprecedented 360-degree access. A video is at

Few boat lifts are as spacious as the Golden Deck Lift. It provides extra room for storing items like SUPs, dock boxes, barbeques and outdoor furniture.

Using a Golden Deck Lift is as simple as maneuvering the boat between the guideposts. With the press of a button, the platform rises beneath the vessel, settling it onto the custom-fitted bunks. Once raised, disembarking is like stepping out of a car onto a driveway. Adding to its exceptional aesthetics, the Golden Deck Lift can be built with a wide variety of decking materials. The standard is an outdoor-grade polymer that won't rot, is impervious to insects, and won't shrink nor swell. The grating has a slip-resistant finish that allows sunlight to penetrate the deck. Custom materials can be ordered to match the waterfront surroundings. Like all Golden Boat Lifts, the Golden Deck Lift is built to strident ISO 9001:2008 standards. It's powered by the renowned high-torque Golden Sea-Drive. Leading the industry in performance and reliability, in over 75,000 units manufactured, not one has ever failed. That's an important consideration, whether the boat is 3,000 or 240,000 lbs. Contact Golden Boat Lifts;