July 6, 2021

IOSSO Fabric Seam SealerWith outdoor fabrics, it's often the seam that's the first to produce an annoying drip. This can be due to age-related shrinkage or stretching from wind and overuse. Seam Sealer from Iosso Products is the fast and easy way to keep new and old textiles from leaking, and add years to their lives.

Seam Sealer is safe to use on natural cotton, canvas, acrylic, polyester and other coated synthetic fabrics. With certain seam constructions, the high-performance formula is equally effective at repelling water on vinyl and vinyl laminates.

Unlike some products, Iosso Seam Sealer doesn't contain silicone or leave behind an unsightly film. It won't change the color or feel of the fabric it's applied to—it's completely invisible.
On a boat, Seam Sealer is ideal for boat and console covers, biminis and dodgers. On shore, it's perfect for RV awnings, umbrellas, tents, backpacks and other outdoor gear.

Using Seam Sealer couldn't be easier. The bottle has a built-in sponge applicator tip. It's applied to both sides of the seam until the thread is completely saturated and then left to dry for 24 hours. On very worn materials, a second light coat can be added. A 4 oz. bottle of Seam Sealer covers 50' of seam and costs $8.49 USD.