Feb 21, 2022

Circuit TesterMultimeters are ideal for testing electric wiring, but their use requires specialized knowledge. Not so with the HBLT26CM11 Twist-Lock® Circuit Tester from Hubbell Marine. By simply plugging the device into a 20A or 30A 125V receptacle, colored LEDs illustrate whether the connection is correct, or whether there's an unsafe circuit condition that needs attention.

UL 1436 and C-UL listed, the Twist-Lock Circuit Tester features a patented design that's styled and sized like a Hubbell Twist-Lock Plug. Easy to find if dropped in a dark or cramped location, the durable housing is made from bright yellow Insulgrip® nylon.

The LEDs on the Hubbell Marine HBLT26CM11 Twist-Lock Circuit Tester glow bright enough to be seen in full sun. Attached to the device is a two-sided plastic card to interpret the seven possible combinations of colored lights, including dangerous open grounds and reverse polarity conditions. A carabiner is included to clip the tester to a tool belt. The MSRP is $150 USD.